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What does love look like to you?

One of my favourite parts of being a facilitator is initiating self inquiry through guided journalling prompts. I love to see what simple yet thoughtful questions can reveal when pen is brought to paper (or finger tips to keyboard).

I have a soft spot for writing by hand, there is a theory by Austrian Philosopher, Rudolph Steiner that hand writing can create a shift in our brain wave state from alpha to theta. It is in our theta state of consciousness that we can access our intuition or inner wisdom.

This recent prompt "What does love look like to you?" felt worthy of sharing. Heart coherence is scientifically proven to be an incredibly healing frequency. So as a little spiritual practice to assist you in entering this state, I invite you to answer this question, in whatever form is flows to you-there is no wrong answer!

Contemplation of love beyond its romantic expressions is a powerful way to witness and align with the myriad of expressions love can take. It may assist us is becoming less co-dependent within our romantic partnerships, or if you are single it can align you with a high vibration frequency of attraction.

Albert Einstein said that the unified field is love, which means that being in a state of Yoga is synonymous with being in a state of love. Love in an eternal, infinite and divine way. The love that heals and carries us through all of life's fluctuations.

Here is what I answered:

What does love look like to you?

Love is thoughtful, caring, magical, unconditional and forgiving.

Love is holding hands and feeling home.

Love is magical sparkles blasting from your heart, bubbling up into your face and turning into a giant smile.

Love is deep breaths.

Love is moving in closer when there are tears and fears, it is comfort, trust and safety.

Love is encouragement, to nourish, grow and flow.

Love is feeling unconditionally beautiful, worthy and confident in your body as it is.

Love is in your fingerprints, your souls path.

Love is the laugh out loud that comes from the bottom of your gut

Love is the warm glow of the sun shifting beyond the landscape.

Love connects us all where we felt divided.

Love is what we all look like on the inside.

Love is our sameness, our saneness.

Love is everywhere.

Love prevails.

Love is your best friend.

Love is your loyal dog or furry cat.

Love is chocolate.

Love is coffee/tea in the morning.

Love is singing out loud in the car.

Love is art, music and play.

Love is growing a garden, harvesting and cooking.

Love is self care.

Love is breathing.

Love is deep sleeping.

Love is dreaming.

Love is channeling.

Love is trusting.

Love is honouring your boundaries.

Love is generous.

Love believes.

Love is abundant.

Love is healing.

Love is the faith of a mustard seed that moves mountains.

Love is miracles.

Love is freedom of choice.

Love is in your soapy dishes and laundry.

Love is taking care of your home.

Love is your family, your soul tribe.

Love is cuddles, gentleness and affection.

I would love to hear what love looks like to you! Feel free to share your response or tag me.

I am over the moon excited for our next Into the Mystic 200HR YTT in Peachland BC this fall. Click here for details or connect with me if you would like to chat.

Sending love to all!


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