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Joy to the World!

Dearest Loved Ones,

I am pausing this morning amidst a glow of sunshine beaming through my window. Taking a moment to bask in it, as our sun lit days are short in Canadian winters. This season is full of radiance and depth as we are more inwardly focused. The radiance is amplified like music through our kindness and compassion.

I love personal growth work. I see at as Spiritual Maintenance. Taking time to check in with your Self, yes your capital "S" Self because it is vital that we see ourselves as worthy of tender loving care, the same way we would want to care for a baby.

Through my own personal work and many trainings professionally, I consciously and creatively came up with my program "Life Path Alignment".

If you are inspired to participate

or join again for a maintenance refresh, this program will illuminate blockages so your best self can emerge and begin to take shape. Intentional thought will take up more space in our lives. We will curiously comb through 4 aspects of our lives (Work/soul purpose, relationships with others, the Self, Love Life) using journalling/homework and group circle sharing over zoom (Sundays on Zoom).

Group work is powerful because our self discovery and positive intention for each others growth is amplified in the group. The group will be kept small, intimate and confidential. A safe space to incubate your dreams for a fresh start in 2022!

Let's invite in the JOY together! Find your tribe wherever you are and love them hard this year.

Let us surrender into of deep peace of another Solstice cocoon and bathe in the eternal sunshine within our hearts.

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