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Creativity: a pathway for healing and connection

“I listen to the wind

To the wind of my soul

Where I'll end up well I think

Only God really knows”

-Cat Stevens

Life is full of curve balls. They arrive in the form of sudden changes that can toss us out of our nest like a baby bird uncertain of her wings. The silver lining of such changes is an opportunity to innovate and adapt.

This is where accessing our creative channels becomes vital. I am certainly an advocate for creating space for the full spectrum of human emotions to be experienced. We observe this in nature- diversity in expressions, changing seasons and a vast variety of changing weather patterns.

Many ancient teachings are rooted in a philosophy that we are to seek harmonious living with the planet and universe. We are in a continuum of creating balance through the play of opposites. We have an opportunity to navigate our unique experiences of life in such a way we can cultivate balance and ride the wave of freedom that requires our courageous participation.

A native elder whom I love, Sequoyah Trueblood, often would sing a little song: “We are all many faces of the same great spirit.”

In yoga we learn that we are one with all of creation, the prana/energy that is the creative force of the universe, that rotates the planets with perfection, guides a seed into a fruit, is also animating our heart beats and creative impulses.

I spark the remembering of this oneness because in times of challenges (that will inevitably arrive in the human experience) it has become a vital practice that I fuel my hearts desire for creative avenues to experience this yoga. This is the yoga of the heart and soul. Yes you can experience this oneness through the vehicle of the physical yoga poses but it is not the only river that leads to the great ocean of liberation.

We are all born with a blueprint of our souls’ most exquisite expression, as unique as our finger prints. Often times we require seasons of unlearning the mental impressions imposed upon us in our early years. If we look back on our lives we can attest to many times where we may have felt thrown out of our comfy nest into a new chapter of growth and expression.

In my own life I have experienced this with radical changes in my health that have required a deep dig toward my will to persevere. Last November I had emergency surgery to remove my large colon, resulting in a major change for my body and the way it functions. I had to shed many attachments to my physical identity and confront my fear of death.

It crumbled away layers of my ego I never knew existed. The silver linings through this period of radical personal transformation and physical struggle are many. It became rich soil for for personal growth.

I was forced to access a new level of surrender to the great mystery. Near death experiences have a way of disarming the ego and layers of identity I had attached value to, such as placing my self worth in the health of my physical body and appearance. I realize the futility in holding on too tightly to my physical life. We are all travellers here temporarily, I want the footprints I leave behind to tell a radical story of courage and love- a masterpiece of art blending beauty with imperfections. If I truly come from love then I am eternal, safe and undefended. Its easy to speak of the experience now in a poetic light, but it is important to me to be transparent about the reality of moving through painful experiences- the moments of messy surrender and wading through uncomfortable new realities has forced me to lean into the tools of my spiritual practice I’ve spent many years studying.

It’s where the fires of change forge us into new paradigms of unconditional love. I can choose to complain and perpetuate suffering or I can decide to love myself in a more radical and unconditional way- all while embracing, accepting and loving the messy inner weather patterns too.

2020 brought a cultural shift during a pandemic and a tumultuous world full of political and civil upheaval that created a huge collective toss out of the nest. We found within ourselves a choice to innovate and adapt.

There are causes and conditions that are conducive to adaptation and innovation. Having our basic needs met such as food and shelter helps us to think clearly and drop out of survival mode so we can access our creative genius.

I feel it this has been overlooked and undervalued in our society when restrictions have been imposed causing many people financial hardship- this level of stress can lead to stress related health issues.

There have been major repercussions from isolating and restricting humans on many levels. If it is true that we are all connected on an energetic level, then we may want to consider the value of heart coherence in immune function. And understand that our extension of loving kindness and service to our fellow human beings and the planet is a form of self care. I certainly don’t have all the answers but I feel compelled to share my inner truths and express my ideas as we all should feel safe to do in a democratic society.

I wish to extend the energy I want to receive. I wish to create safe spaces for people to be witness unto themselves, to see themselves as nature and each other.

I pray for each of us to access the blueprint of our own divine intuition that is guided by the compass of our hearts.

My chapter of dancing near the portal of death has gifted me with a contrasting desire to experience aliveness- the joy, bliss, peace and contentment of this moment now. Every day we have on this planet is an opportunity to choose not to be the victim of our circumstances but rather the bird who finds her wings, building wind gracefully, sometimes messy with feathers flying everywhere, but she eventually catches a warm wind that carries her effortlessly. She finds her flock and they stick together. She navigates daily life with the same inner intelligence that guides birds home when they are miles away.

We all have this inner knowing, it often doesn’t make sense to the mind, but we can learn to dance with it, to trust it and accept the spectrum weather patterns and changing seasons of our lives.

In my experience it has been creative channels that carry me through seasons of change, like a little life raft or tether during stormy seas. My creative outlets often change but many stay the same. For me it is painting, writing, yoga, meditation, hiking, cooking, dancing, music, friendships, community, playing with my intuition, learning, hosting events and trainings, mothering, designing furniture, playing with fashion and fabrics, gardening…the list goes on.

Creative channels can look unique to each person depending on your innate gifts and talents, your astrological birth chart and your souls’ evolutionary blueprint. A creative flow state can also look like mathematics, sports, accounting, mechanics, engineering, performing surgery or assisting elderly. Its vital that each of us takes time to explore different creative pathways that may be of mutual service to yourself and humanity.

No one knows how to access your creative channels but you and your inner compass. One helpful nugget of wisdom is to remember that our creativity requires hygiene. Just like brushing your teeth, washing your clothes and physical exercise all require practice- we can devote time towards our spiritual practice of connecting to ourselves. And deeply listening to the quiet whispers of the soul.

Where are the winds of your soul guiding you today?

Moment by moment those winds are seeking for self care, for the patience to appreciate right now and recognize the beauty abundant in each moment. The beauty in our tears of futility, in a warm crackling fire, a cleansing river, the way sunlight dances on water or the kindness in the eyes of a loved one. Following the small sparks and feeling them into bigger fires.

Every so often we receive a nudge from our soul to try something new, to take a risk or make a change. We can choose to take that leap of faith because life is short and why not fuel the creative fires and feel the wind beneath your wings as much as you can?

Knowing that every time we leap from the nest, our wings become stronger. So when the time comes when we feel tossed out of the nest by unforeseen challenges we know that no matter what happens we will be ok- we will fly.

Even in death we are ok. Pain and suffering never last forever. Change is the only mysterious constant- it is fluid like water dancing in and around the forms in which it flows. We can be sure of this flow and rest easy in its dance. There is great beauty in flowing with the stream, no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in, we can navigate our way home. A great return to the forever in our hearts and to be in awe of spirit changing forms like the shifting colours of the sky from sunrise to sunset.

So my question for you is:

What brings you great joy?

Where do you feel free?

If you could see yourself through the lens of love, what would you see?

How do you wish to express yourself creatively?

With love,


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