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7 ways to align through transitions.

I see life as a journey like tides that ebb and flow. Serene waters that reflect natures perfection and stormy white caps that crash against the shore. Yoga is the ocean that doesn’t mind what happens. It is the eye of the storm. The decision to honor oneself and be peaceful- finding stillness amidst the chaos.

Life is one great transition. It is an illusion and mental neurosis to always be waiting for your arrival to perfection. The perfect job, soul mate, house or some external circumstance that will deliver your bliss on a silver platter…and then you will be happy.

If it were that easy, supposed successful people wouldn’t experience depression, anxiety or addiction. Having a desire or intention to create your optimal living situation is healthy but not at the expense of feeling discontent with the now.

I believe we are born here to experience periodic challenges in order for the mysterious muscle of our soul to grow, evolve and expand. This is a unique experience to each one of us, we can learn the rich wisdom from past sages but ultimately they are pointing us toward a connection and deep intimacy to our own great truths.

The great yogic texts speak of this truth as an all-encompassing, infinite energy that is sustaining all of creation. Nature, the cosmos, the cycles and seasons are all intimately woven with this energetic field.

“The unified field is love.”

-Albert Einstein

When we are struggling, our soul is asking for our attention.

1. Stop, pause. Create a safe space for you and your sacred self to connect. Nature works best.

2. Breathe deeply, nourish and expand every soft surface of your lungs as your diaphragm expands as wide as it can. Your breath is the same infinite life force that is sustaining the cosmos, how magical is that?!

3. Release. Let go of any notion that you are not enough right now. Set free the idea that your happiness resting in another person, a bank account or any external circumstance.

4. Feel your heart. Place one hand on your heart, close your eyes and return home to the greatest love that is you. Recognize yourself as an infinite being, born with infinite value as babies are.

Be soft, tender and compassionate towards yourself as you allow your inner tides and rhythms to return to harmony with source. If there are emotions or tensions being held under, they now have the opportunity to surface for healing. Your tears, sweat, laughter and ecstatic movement will shift you back into alignment with your best self.

5. Courage. This word means to live bravely from your heart, look directly towards your greatest fear or obstacle and make a choice that you are worthy of living as your greatest potential, it is living in your DNA waiting to be nurtured into expression.

6. Surrender. Not to give up but to give it over and trust in the divine timing of creation. We must balance action and intention with rest and resolve. Resolve that right now, all is well and give yourself permission to feel love and contentment.

7. Listen. The guru is in you. The greatest teachers will guide you to listen to yourself. Yoga is the embodiment of freedom, liberation and this sacred space will gift you with intuitive guidance. Your intuition is present in every cell of your body, honour its wisdom as it is connected to the infinite web of creation. It is a clear, quiet voice that feels like love and sounds like truth. Trust it.

“This intuitive realization is the king of sciences, the royal secret, the peerless purifier, the essence of dharma (man’s righteous duty). It is the direst perception of truth-the imperishable enlightenment.” –Bhagavad Gita

With Love,

Juliana Lavell

Director at Into the Mystic Yoga School

& Elevate Aerial Yoga

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