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Moving boxes & two hearts on fire- flowing with their inner winds' request.

The wind now has met the sails again for precious Jada Bella and I. We move May.1st to a new home. Not sure how long we will stay there as I already know home school for Jada is on the horizon and Bali, Peru, Egypt and India are calling.

...As I child I dressed up as a gypsy or Wizard for Halloween every year.

Not far from what I have evolved to as an adult.

There is no mistake behind our archetypal attraction to certain costumes.

My Mom was a well educated professional psychologist (who liked to swear, do tarot cards and fire walk), she referred to herself as a “Closet Mystic” and we moved around a lot. We spent a few years living in Tsawwassen BC on the ocean where we could run for miles on the beach counting bald eagles. One day I counted 60!

My mothers mysticism was highly feared and criticized at the time by many of my Christian family. I lived in a paradox of misunderstanding what was safe to believe in. Eventually as a teenager my own mystic bones were awakened through dreams (of past lives as a healer, midwife and facing execution) my intuition was never to be put back to sleep. I have now arrived at a time I feel no choice but to be fully naked in my mysticism.

My nomadic urges make sense to me now and I am learning to release the resistance towards these physical shifts.

I have only lived in one place for no longer than 3 years in my entire life.

I can’t imagine now settling in one place forever.

Although my feet long for grounding, home and wood burning hearth. Gardens and Heart.

I long to be closer to the land, to roll and breathe in it. To bury seeds and wishes in it. To listen with it deeply.

These times of movement and change call upon our courage, our bravery to turn and face the challenges and resistances.

Moving and changing requires sorting through all of your shit. Purging and deciding what is integral to your whole.

I enjoy the nomadic life for this. Too much stuff feels like it weighs me down, too little stuff and I feel like I might fly away.

So now I take with me some of my physical treasures. Singing bowls, my vintage guitar I have grown so intimate with over the past 4 years. Our ukulele, piano keyboard, cozy blankets, hide drums, crystals, books, a ninja blender. The vital things.

My nomadic urges take root to the oracle in my heart, my attraction to tools of divination…tarot, runes, I ching, reiki, plant alchemy, ancient earth sciences, healing arts and musical creation…a wild, vulnerable heart set on fire, moving as the winds call her to.

My goal is to have a home base at a retreat centre in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, travel with a camper van and teach in Canada. Then spend my winters somewhere warm and luscious, bravely sharing gifts, teachings and laughter with international tribe.

Our new home in Calgary will be our sanctuary to expand in community here in Canada. Although it is cold as fuck here and this winter has been long, I am grateful for the golden sunshine in Alberta, cozy moments, majestic mountains and safety we can sometimes take for granted.

I pray for this move to be peaceful and harmonious, for my new roommate to be a blessing. For Jada to feel a safe sense of family wherever we are. For the downstairs people to be tribe. For inspiration, attraction and deep resounding peaceful sleeps.

For the ancient trees to bloom and speak their wisdom on our street, for these trees to keep us safe from harmful waves.

For airplane tickets next winter to warm places. Prosperity and abundance. For all the love to be embodied, received and given in flooding amounts.

Today’s mantra:

“I am not my inner critic.

I witness my judgements as passing clouds.

I am infinite sky.

It is my birthright to be blessed, to feel safe and to always have plenty. I am regal. I am an Earth Goddess, High Priestess, Guardian of love and nature. I am intimately intertwined with spirit.

Jada and I are always divinely guided, safe and taken care of. The universe listens to my bravery and heeds our call. She is with me now, nurturing me to my bones with her harmonious rich essence.

I am blooming beyond belief. Rich in vitality, happiness, elation, monetary funds, intuition and sacred family.

I am happiness here and now. Rainbows and white light are with me now. I am a fearless poet connected to all hearts.

I am free. I am free from judgments of my own and others. I am liberated and I am free. “

With love,


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