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unedited-raw, naked truths... A Segway into Human Sovereignty

This is a passage way to personal freedom, a pirate ship destination human sovereignty. A bridge of words built to segway into love and nothing else.

Only love will take us there.

Love can build a strong, sexy, gorgeous, raw, unabashed and interconnected bridge to freedom.

What lights you up?

For me, the essential oils of light are expressions from the heart.

That pounding, rhythmic, pulsating vessel in my chest and yours.

The place where we began life, the place where we are woven with the infinite threads, the golden chain, the cosmic web of undying infinite truth. The great cosmic mother, whimsical, subtle, all encompassing.

We are equal parts: raging earthquakes, tsunamis, asteroids, glaciers and warm whispery winds, illusive rainbows and fluttering butterflies.

The soft, sweet delicacy of new born baby skin, akin to the ravaging quakes and ecstatic contractions of child birth. All one and the same with this glorious thing called life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you poetry, thank you for my freedom to not fit a category, freedom for my mystical words to not make sense, to not fit into academic, suffocating, dogmatic boxes.

Freedom to innovate, to shakes old foundations, shed skins, cleanse and make new.

Freedom to fuck up, to forgive and love myself wholly with radical abandon.

Freedom of expression. Creativity is one with love. Love is the force of creation, eternal, undying and unborn. Beaming its way through the masculine framework of my unsuspecting cells.

Let us be bold, be naked and claim our sovereignty to express ourselves without hurting another. Let us keep learning, growing, cycling with our grandmother earth. Our grandfather cosmos. Sister and brothers of all faces, races and religions. Peace, peace....peace.

How can we see the humanity in each other more?

I am you, you are me, we are one. There is no competition, no race. We all die and will be reborn, its science.

Energy changes forms.

The cycle of death of these bodies is imminent for all of us.

Right now just love, love and love. Love yourself enough to take a day off without guilt, to make a healthy choice, to take time to heal your inner child, give him/her the attention, love, affection and playful time they need.

Love yourself enough to un-become all the shit you don’t like.

To change your mind.

Say no.

Say Yes.

Don’t decide.

Don’t feel obligated to any one thing outside yourself.

Your only obligation is to making yourself happy. Rest in the ocean of your own bliss and it will inevitably flood over happiness by accident to all those surrounding you and beyond!

What makes you happy? Your heart sing? Your body feel energized and radiant? Just right now. Fuck the past. Stop consuming information.




Listen to yourself. You are the one, the one you have been looking for all along.

Be naked, be bold, make mistakes and learn. Decide to evolve, take risks, breathe deeper and wake up to all the subtle magic life is smothering you with.

The entire galaxy and beyond is making magic in you, for you and infinitely all around you.

Take time to hug the ones you love (extra, awkwardly long)….. choose to see the twinkles of life in anothers eye, see past their own limitations for them. Believe in someone even when they don’t believe in themselves. You are them and they are you. There is no competition. Greed will suffocate you in the end, your money will make you a miser if you cling to it so tightly.

You are never “secure”.

Get grounded in the groundless.

Change is inevitable.

You are born abundance.

Your value is and always will be infinite.

Share your life with others; attract your tribe.

Listen to the life teachers only who resonate.

Set boundaries.....breathe in.......breathe out.......

Your inner winds and whispers are guiding you, urging you, prompting you to listen. To heed the calls and adjust sails when needed.

To anchor down and take rest when the waters are still.

To batten down the hatches when the storms come, to brace up when the pirates come.

No one can tell you how to live out this great mystery called life, you are a sovereign being.

Decide on your terms and take the risks to be seen.

Let your vulnerabilities and your courageous aptitudes show.

Courage is in your heart and is connected with the infinite.

You are divinely cared for when living from the heart.

The heart field will build your bridges of expansion and connectivity for you.

You are not alone.

You are soaring now, higher and higher. There is no one stopping you now. I love you.

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