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You Are a Sacred Star

Imagine all areas of your life like gardens to be tended and cultivated with love.

Nurturing intuitively and trusting in the force that is moving through.

The common purpose between all areas of life is to remember to nurture spirit and the spirit that is connecting all things. You don’t need to doubt this. Sending love always and remembering that love is first and love is infinite.

LOVE will heal all things.

Love is the unified field of awareness. Love is what will connect us all with peace.

We can amplify this unified field of love through deep peace and reverence for our divine potential. Divine potential is living within our DNA.

We have divine appointments in life that are there for us to learn and grow. They are the rich fertile soil, that is there for our greatest growth.

Michael Jordan was cut from his grade. 9 Basketball team, Albert Einstein failed math. Oprah was fired from her job saying she wasn’t a fit for television.

Don’t believe in what anyone else tells you. Listen to your heart and be brave.

The world needs your truth and your bravery. Who you are, your unique resonance and magnetic field is what is going to change the world. Not your judgements, theologies and ideas of segregation.

What are the ties that bind?

Allow for the wholeness of experience. We are equipped with an emotional and glandular system. Why do we negate and make wrong the spectrum of feeling? You can’t meditate your way out of uncomfortable feelings.

Meditation will assist you in gaining awareness of your discomfort, not identifying yourself with it, meditation will be there to allow the feelings to surface. In the same way sweat and toxins must come to through the glands to the surface of the skin for detoxification. The same way our food must be cycled into waste.

All the many cycles in nature are within us. Our culture has over philosophized and idealogized the human body into segmented, fucked up separateness.

The idea of dis-ease does not need some chemical compound from a billion-dollar business called pharmaceuticals.

We need reconnection with Source and a space created for allowing these cycles to emerge.

Perhaps the earthquake within you is needed. The illness is there as your teacher. That difficult life circumstance is there as your mirror, it wants to show you something that is living perhaps in your unconscious reality. We have become so external and out of touch with the sub conscious realm. What we don’t realize is that we create the majority of our lives and experience from this sub-conscious realm.

If you are out of touch with it, you will go on living your Karmas and creating repetitive scenarios in your life. You will feel confused and out of touch. Wondering why you can’t live in alignment with your hearts true desires.

You don't need to be with out desire, but:

“Desire Less”

“Want Less”

and you will become so much more.

Abundance is there within you. It is infinite!

Quit theologizing your experience and embrace your full spectrum of sensations. Reach for connection with trusted souls to ride the waves of our feelings. Unearth and reveal you to yourself.

Your suffering... resist it less. Have you ever allowed you self a sacred space for tears or grief (without judgment) after a difficult situation?

Room for surrender and prayer are integral to well-being but so is the expression of human emotion.

What is life without the full spectrum of experience.

The blues, the water the indigos of introspection, the reds of fire and passion, the oranges of excitement and creation! The yellows of self-confidence and awareness, shining your bright sunlight from within, the greens of love expression, expansion and blues of your sacred song. Sing unto the world like birds do.

No consideration of what is good or bad, just fucking sing. Let your fire rise and change you into the enlightened being that you are. You are so much more that this mundane, beige existence.

You are rainbows, you are harmony, you are starlight, You are joy, you are fun, you are deep, deep resounding peace; you are nature, you are radiant sunshine, earthquakes, raging downpour storms, tsunamis, soft gentle winds, rivers, mountain peaks and valleys. You are earth and sky, omnipresence and everything in between. You are infinity.

You are infinite nature and don’t ever let anyone take that away from you.

Your human sovereignty is most important.

Don’t ever let any situation compromise your freedom. Freedom is your birthright. We are in a time of embrace and surrender. The Aquarian Age. It is time to trust more that great pulse of the cosmos. The universal heart-beat. Be the brave creator that you are.

Create in the ways that light you up! Ways that guide you into your infinite nature. The places where time stands still. The places that guide you into your places of resistance. Dabble with the edges of your fear, don’t jump off the edge, but massage the edges with loving kindness.


You are massaging your own heart into the connection with the infinite. Let your raindrops become the ocean. But always take with you that innate trust that you are the great pulse of the cosmos. Your heart beat lives on after you die. These divine vessels we call human bodies return back to the earth. Changing forms. Never gone forever but reincarnated into different forms-ashes, plants, stars, animals, trees… Connect with the aliveness of the world around you. Remember that you are not separate. You are love. You are the unified field. Infinite, omnipresent, loving awareness.

The light in me honours with reverence, the light that lives within you.

With Love,


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