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A Unicorn's Guide to Cosmic Navigation

First step: throw out the map book. Liberate yourself. Listen closer. Closer to that void, inside your heart beats, your soul swells, inside the DNA alive in every cell that combines to create you. The universal Nebulas that collide in the cosmos…what if they really are just reflections of what happens within each of us on a quantum level.




Heart beats.


Second Step: Un shackle, unleash, unbridle your inner wise man/woman. We are all seekers. Navigators hoping to embody the great light of happiness, contentment. We awaken to see we are whole beings living in a world of paradox and dichotomy.

The muck and mud, the dark and destruction is integral to the whole.

Our resistance is futile.

Holding onto anything is like holding your breath.

You will suffocate.

We are all like spiders crafting diligently our web of creation in hopes to capture our prey, our prize. But what is the prize? Survival? Love? Moments of deep peace and contentment. I’m not sure. Your picture will be painted different from mine. We are but creatures roaming and navigating paths.

Navigating emotional weather patterns, darkness and lights. I thank god everyday for my breath, for my laughter for my ability to give it over. To let go. Stop controlling and embrace more and be breathed. That impulse of the cosmos is gorgeously beaming and exploding within your veins, your eyes and in the air we breath.

The web of love is all encompassing.

Step 3: Set your cosmic compass to align with your white hot burning truth. The world needs you in your raw bravery, your unabashed expression, not later but right now.

Everything is going to be ok. Empaths are magical but they are also cursed. They feel everything. They need wisdom and loving space to process all they absorb. I believe in magic. magic wands, fairies and angels. I believe we are not alone, we walk the path of the ancient ones.

Sat Nam,



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