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Freedom: walking through the fires of life.

We all have an innate intuitive sense. The guidance system that pulls our fingers away from fire. A keen knowingness that gives you a tug when something feels unsafe or when something feels right. A part of our yoga practice is re connecting with the sensory system, this keen knowingness that is effortlessly functioning through you. The practice is to call upon this infinite source to work its magic through you. Some call it the great mystery or prana, the chinese call it chi. It can be harnessed and shape shifted for many purposes including electricity and internet signals.

We can awaken to this force in ourselves and with intention allow ourselves to heal and grow.

Quite often we are swept away in the stimulus of life, relationships, our many ways of seeking validation and fulfilment in life can be all consuming and transient. Often leaving us feeling exhausted and searching for answers. My life has brought me to a path of spiritual curiosity. One of my favourite Kripalu yoga teachers (Jeff Thomlinson) often says “all we need to do in each moment is come back to self inquiry…”, getting to know our blockages and returning to our hearts sanctuary of calm and relaxation. The place of deep peace we can cultivate during rest but also in the midst of great challenge. The hero’s journey some may call it; rising up to meet our resistance then embracing it with love and compassion. The glimpse of a rainbow after a storm is nature’s reminder of the harmonious elements of s

We are divine spirits embodying these human animals that have reactive functions all their own. We can connect with the vital life force that moves through each of us and the earth. At times when I feel unsure I simply feel my feet connecting with the ground and sense my heart beat.

Grounding into the earth’s elements and trusting my keen sensory awareness. The same way animals like horses feel their innate guidance to run from an impending earthquake long before most humans know what is coming, they are tuned into this field of intelligent awareness.

Our bodies will send clear messages of pain and disease when we are out of alignment with this source.

My goal is to live with instinct, to live with optimal health, deep peace and exuberant joy. To feel deeply the honest pangs of humanities’ shadow and use it as fuel to grow and harness an almighty love to forge my dharmic path.

We are all travellers and the road is shorter than we think. Many people and creatures walked this land before us and many will be re created and born again long after we are gone. Our moments are precious and we can strengthen our connection with source through each other in balance with an inward meditative connection with your direct channel to source. Your heart will thrive when you awaken to the natural elements around you. Love each other and then love harder. Let your heart break, let it shatter and then let it heal. Repeat this cycle over and over until you realize the capacity of love is vast and endless. See the pathways of wrinkles that course through the faces of our elders like rivers that carve stories through their faces. Watch the children as they grow, the trees rooted in strength as their leaves and branches surrender to the wind.

Recognize moments that capture and enrapture you, that is source asking you to listen. Embrace your wondering sense life’s great mystery. Remembering we all return home to the same cosmic dust at the end of our days.

The freedom and relief you seek is in you. Receive life with open arms. Be fierce and trust the guru that is always in you. The tools you need to survive and thrive are ultimately in the palms of our own hands.

We don’t know when lightening will strike, when the fires will burn or when the earth will shake. But we can embrace moments to embody the source that breathes you. Be quiet enough and you may receive all the answers you’ve been looking for. Your path to freedom will be illuminated when you remember the elements of harmonious rainbows that flow through you like a memory of something divine. The sign of your hearts’ true affection will surprise you when you’re relaxed and quiet enough to return home the its subtle guidance.

With love,

My mom Shan Lavell during her fire-walking phase.

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