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Dharma: The principle of cosmic order, the essential quality or character of one's true nature.

It seems as though the lovely universe will always shove you into a place of growth. The dark particles are always existant. Each moment presents itself as an opportunity to observe. Ah the almighty observer. This space of depth and vacancy, it’s so quiet and still. Sigh… That little wee moment between inhale and exhale. That moment when you first wake up in the morning and you’re still not quite sure if you are in a dream or reality. I think there is much to be learned from these spaces when we can question the concreteness of our realities.

The spirit of Dharma is something I've been intrigued by lately. Questions like why are we here and what actions can I take that will be in alignment with my dharma? If you are not familiar with dharma, I will give you my perspective on what it means.

Your dharma is like your calling. Your true nature. Being in such a way that you feel in alignment with the cosmos, a higher order. A balance of your outward expression here on earth and surrender to the nature of your quiet inner world.

The beauty of tapping into your dharmic nature is that it is completely unique to you! Just as no two finger prints are alike, your dharmic roadmap will have its own unique pathways.

From my observations so far in life, I have come to account that there will always be dark and light, death and birth, inhale with exhale, sun and moon…I could go on forever with these polarities. As I travel along my groovy little sparkle filled path, I question my decisions. Making sure they are resonating with what is best.

We all have dark and light days. We all suffer tragedies and experience joys at different times in our lives. My hidden gem of consciousness in this piece comes with the realization that magic is happening in each moment. Embrace all those dark force particles and harness them. It’s all energy at the end of the day. It is your resistance towards them that causes us grief.

The reality is that the dark will always be there. Outward circumstances can change with the blink of an eye, but trusting that within our fingerprints and mysterious roadmaps of life is the universe.

According to quantum science, at the bottom of each cell, each nucleus, there lives yet another black hole. Another space in time, a memory, a pocket of genetic coding that hosts lifetimes of experiences. So when we think of dharma and purpose, it might be interesting to reflect on your own karmic patterns.

Perhaps what has happened in the past within your own family ancestry or even the history of your country. I personally have had dreams that drew me to do some research into my family history involving lineage to witches who were burned. Something I have stayed quiet about in the past but realizing it may be part of my purpose here to share these travesties of humanity that seemed to be disregarded in our history books. I’ll save that for another blog post.

There are memories and patterns alive within our own dna. We can take time to embrace these sensations, breathe and transform them if you choose.

My personal dharmic calling is to express myself in creative ways. To balance my time spent alone in quiet nothingness and reflection with the outward expression of art, song, dance, movement, laughter, ferocity…passions of infinite natures can be miraculous vehicles of transformation.

First comes awareness, next comes engagement. So what do I want to leave behind from my time here on earth? Inspiration. Inspiration to remember breath. In Latin, the word for breath is synomomous with wind and spirit. I want to remember the infinte love that is always present in the sometimes overwhelming chaos of life.

How well can we retreat back into the embrace? The embrace of the vast web of love, the life force that you came from and will return to when your time here is over. Till then, harness it. Breathe with it. Be breathed by it and let its guidance carry you through. Adjust your sails as you must but take moments to feel the brilliance of the wind in your soul.

With love,


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