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Into the Mystic Yoga Teacher Training is designed to guide you deep into yourself. Through the transformational process of yoga, you will learn how to ignite your inner healer and cultivate the wisdom that leads to true purpose and alignment.   

Inspired by yoga therapy, ancient earth based traditions, kundalini yoga, traditional philosophy, Ayurveda and merged with modern tools of self study, physical alignment and safe instruction. Juliana and her team offer a heart centred teaching and practice style. Each day is layered with practices that help you begin to build healthy habits, strength, and ultimately a more vital, conscious way of life.  

We focus on setting a strong foundation in yogic basics, both physical and metaphysical. We re-build the practice from the ground up, allowing you to shed old habits and direct the body-mind toward your higher purpose.    

Rooted in the belief that every being has a purpose and a powerful message to share, this training encourages your unique gifts to be expressed authentically and powerfully.   

We invite, not only those who wish to become teachers, but anyone who wants to take their practice to deeper physical, mental and spiritual levels.


Course Outline:

  • ​Traditional Yoga Philosophy & History

  • ​The Science of Spirituality

  • ​Ayurveda

  • Reiki Level 1 Certification

  • Life Path Alignment

  • ​Study of Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Energy Systems

  • ​Biomechanics, Anatomy & Physiology

  • ​Modifications for Pain and Injury

  • Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin & Kundalini Yoga


Investment: $2995. +tax

(payment plans available)









Aerial Yoga Teacher Training


Join Elevate Aerial Yoga for this comprehensive weekend to expand your teaching portfolio into the exciting dynamics of Aerial Yoga!

You will learn:

-To teach and sequence full balanced classes that seamlessly transition from floor to flying aerial poses and counter poses
-Assist and spot students of all body types and abilities
-Safely guide students in and out of positions
inversions and advanced poses
-Creative Sequencing
-Aerial Fitness and Restorative
-Safe rigging techniques
This training is suitable for instructors of yoga, pilates, dance, fitness etc as well as students who love aerial!
You will be given a Training Manual and Certificate of Completion at the end of your 20 hour program.


Testimonial: "Juliana's incredible spirit and depth of knowledge provided such a strong foundation for trainees during her Aerial Immersion Teacher Training. Very much looking forward to sharing this practice!"

-Megan Milligan

Calgary, AB

Upcoming Events:


June.1-21st 2020 in Kelowna BC, Canada

Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm (Sundays off)

Location: Tandava Yoga Kelowna 

300-3275 Lakeshore Rd in Kelowna, British Columbia

A portion of this Training will be hosted online via ZOOM

Investment: $2995. +tax 

(payment plans available)



​“I am so honoured and proud to be part of the inaugural Into the Mystic Yoga Teacher Training. I truly believe it is going to be a community of ongoing support, love and self-discovery as more and more people take the training.

This training takes you beyond the asana practice and the Eight Limbs creating a sacred space that draws on many forms and traditions of spirituality. From Shamanism, yoga nidra, Kundalini, Archetypes, Tarot, Astrology, this training expanded one’s consciousness to really create space for self-discovery. Allowing you to ask yourself the big questions, of who you are, what is your purpose, what are your beliefs. Our group was truly amazing, we laughed, played, cried, sang and held space for the self-realizations that came to the surface, I will be forever grateful. 

Juliana has created a program that is their own authentic expression of Yoga that beautifully intertwines spirituality, anatomy, tradition and practice. An incredible human who was a pillar of love and support throughout a thoughtfully created program to challenge and expand oneself. She brought in different educators from life-coaches, to prenatal/kids yoga instructors, shamans, and kundalini instructors creating a huge spectrum of learning and experiences. Posture labbing poses, going through different modifications, and the anatomy to ensure we have the knowledge to keep students physically safe during our classes created a confidence to teach the practice.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone, even if teaching yoga isn’t on their to do list. It is so much more than that and will set you on a path of self-discovery and self-love. I think this training is truly unique and a gift to anyone that takes it.

​I will forever think of my life from now on divided into 2 parts. Before and after this yoga teacher training. I hardly feel like the same person I was before I began. I learned so much in 5 short months. I’m finding the experience very difficult to put into words. I think it’s because my experience can’t be described merely by words. It felt like so much more than that.

I recommend that every single person should take this training. I mean EVERYONE. Even if you don’t ‘do’ yoga. It’s so much more than that. It’s learning about yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, diving into the mystic and exploring who you really are. In life and on your mat.

The teacher experience was exceptional. So many fun memories. So many adventures in meditation, kid’s yoga, shamanism, nidra, traditional yoga philosophy, anatomy, modifications, archetypes...the list goes on and on. So many exciting guest speakers and teachers. Unlike anything you could imagine.

I can’t say enough great thing about the facilitators. Juliana brings this mystical, feminine, artistic, and spiritual side to the teaching. Creating this perfect blend of yoga and spirituality. I can’t recommend this program enough.

I look forward to returning and continuing with the training when the 300 hour teacher training is offered. This community is so accepting and loving and I’m so so so happy and grateful to be a part of this yoga family.”

​Alisa McLennan 

Calgary, AB


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