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Juliana Lavell

Yoga Educator with the Canadian Yoga Alliance 

Aerial Yoga Training Director

Ayurveda Certified 

Reiki Practitioner 

Intuitive Tarot 

From a young age Juliana was surrounded by yoga and alternative

practices from her Mother, a fire walking Kundalini practitioner.

Growing up in Tsawwassen BC, she was immersed in First Nations

study and culture. She naturally fell in love with the spirit of nature as she 

counted the many eagles that lined the treetops by the ocean near her home. Her innate

affection and connection to the natural world carried her through many transitions in life.

As a young child she would speak of seeing energy and would have claravoiyant experiences. 


Her curiosity lead her to pursue studies in Herbology, Ayurveda, Anthropology and Sociology. Her travels led her to many great teachers and shamans including sacred ceremonies with Plant Medicine Iboga and Ayahuasca. Her passion is to remove the dogma from yoga, she teaches equality and acceptance between all races and religions, understanding that there are many rivers that lead to the same great ocean. Diversity in practice, self study, human sovereignty and imperical wisdom are foundations of her teaching.  


Juliana has hosted numerous Yoga Retreats internationally, many include Traditional Sweat Lodge or sacred ceremony with a shaman or elder. Her teaching style can be described as graceful, awake and transformational. She is passionate about sharing the technology of Pranayama and believes in maintaining an accessible practice that is safe for the long term health of the body. She is a licensed artist with Live Sankalpa and published writer (Canadian Yogi Magazine and Elephant Journal to name a few), musician and mantra singer. 

She began her teaching journey in 2011 with Moksha Yoga International's 500 hour teacher training based on yoga-therapy and the maintenance of long term health of the joints. Since then she has completed an
athletic program for Yoga and has worked with professional athletes. She travelled to Boulder,CO to attend the Boulder Circus Training Institute where she completed her Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Aircat Aerial Yoga. Her ongoing studies in Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation and extensive personal development inspired her to co-create Into the Mystic Yoga Teacher Training and Elevate Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Ongoing education has continued to nurture her offerings as a teacher, attending and offering various workshops in Yoga Nidra, Advanced Yoga and Yoga for Alcohol and Drug recovery. She has worked with elderly people using chair yoga, gentle yoga for students in recovery and private sessions assisting in rehabilitation from injury or surgery.





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