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Jan.1-31st 2019

     This is for the hidden mystic, the repressed creative, the adventurer whose soul is longing for more. 
What: A committed journey of undoing, aligning, and unveiling your true self. I support you to uncover your soul’s blueprint for excellence, and reach beyond any perceived limitations you have about yourself. 
Everything you have ever wanted starts from within YOU
Release...limiting beliefs and the masks which you no longer can abide
Reveal...the essence of your true identity
Transform... your pain to pleasure, your weakness to strength
Become...the leader in your own life

You will receive:
•A sacred container for you to express your deepest fears and dreams without judgement. •Custom guided meditation audio recordings •Weekly 1 on 1 sessions with intuitive tools such as tarot and runes on specific areas of your life, ie. business, relationships, deep soul healing.
•Weekly, tangible practices to assist in a significant trajectory shift that will change the way you live and perceive your life. 
We will set up weekly one on one phone sessions for a period of 4 weeks to fit your schedule. Live videos once per week & homework sharing in a private Facebook group.

So you can live your best life from design rather than default. To be guided and supported to acknowledge yourself as infinitely worthy of your greatest desires. 
Cultivate strength and resilience, softness and grounding in the face of confusion and attachments. 
Confidently let go of who you think you are and step in to your life with conviction and vision. 
Just 7 Sacred Spaces $333
Payment plans available 
Email: to save your spot.

Tarot Readings & Spiritual Guidance

Mentorship and tarot readings offer insight and tools for you to align with your soul's potential. Using the tools of tarot and astrology

we can ask questions or look at specific areas of your life

i.e. relationship, career, personal development.

We often work towards healing subconscious patterns so we can align with our hearts true alignment. I often connect intuitively with ancestors or loved ones on the other side to gain support and wisdom for your life.


My readings are heart centred and only offer insight that is for the highest good of all.